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The view my customers have of me
  • How did you get into photography?
    My early years were spent on the Island of Sark. Growing up on an island where there are no cars or public transport, only tractors and horses. That meant I spent my formative years around working horses. This set the basis for our life long relationship and has meant a greater understanding of how to always show them at their best. At 17 I was given my first camera and it gave me the chance to show other people the world around us as I saw it. This has led to a 20 year passion that has only ever burned stronger. I now photograph a variety of subjects and love new, exciting challenges. This has even led me into doing aerial photography! So there's a very short snapshot of my life in photography. It's an ever evolving story that gets more exciting as time goes on!
  • What camera equipment do you use?
    For the majority of my work I use Nikon cameras and lenses. I do also use a variety of other equipment. This incudes GoPro and DJI for more specialist pictures such as the aerial photography.. and dont forget the gaffa tape!
  • How did you build your business?
    I have largley built my business by word of mouth and by always striving to produce high quality work! As the business starts to build I am developing my marketing stratergy accordingly!
  • What social media do you use?
    Instagram. It's a great platform for sharing my work.
  • What makes you stand out?
    I have a very artistic take on life, I like to think my work is eye catching and exciting.
  • What one piece of advice would you offer anyone wanting to take up photography?
    Dont be afraid to think outside of the box. The thing to always remember is to take the picture for yourself, not for how others think it should look. Don't get hung up on camera equipment either. While it is nice to have all of the latest gear, it's the person creating the picture that makes it; not the camera they use!

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